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Hogwarts is Home – Appeals Community
This community is part of hogwartsishome and has been created to give already-sorted members the chance to switch houses in case they don't feel like they fit the criteria of the house they have been sorted into.

Suggestion from Moderators: New members are required to participate in their given house before appealing. While this won't guarantee a successful appeal, it will help your case.

How does it work?
First of all, you have to realize that switching houses is not an easy process and once you're sorted into a different house there is no way to appeal again, whether or not you like the new house given to you.

Now on to the guidelines:

#1 - You must have been a member of HiH and your current house for at least one full month before you enter an appeal. This applies even if this is your second or third tour of duty in HiH (i.e., you were a member of the same house previously and returned/were sorted back into the house). This is so that we know you've at least given your current house a shot. And when we say "at least given your current house a shot," we mean that you've participated. If you have not, your appeal may be delayed. The prefects are consulted, so participating means you're more likely to be approved quickly.

What does participation entail? If you have made an effort to participate not just in regular HiH activities but also in your house's chat, social posts, and activities, then you should be fine. If in doubt, feel free to ask the Appeals mod.

#2 - Go to this entry and fill out the questionnaire. If you've given your current house a try, and have been an active member of HiH, the mod then will approve your appeal and tell you to request membership to hih_appeals. It might take a few days. Be patient.

#3 - Join this community; wait until your membership has been approved, then fill out the appeals application you will find below and post it to the community. Please aim to have your appeal submitted within one week after it has been approved. If you cannot meet that deadline, inform the appeals mod (slumber). Not doing so may result in your appeal being paused while other appeals in the queue are taken care of first.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to post, share, or solicit feedback for your appeal or answers to judges' questions. The appeals process relies heavily on evaluating your best house fit, so asking others for help about how you should present yourself undermines that process. If the appeals mod finds that you've done this before or during your appeal, your appeal will be canceled.

Wait for your application to be dropped. Ideally, this shouldn't take more than a week from when your appeals application has been submitted. If for some reason there is a delay, I will let you know. In that case, please be patient.

ATTENTION! If you haven't fulfilled step 2, your membership request will automatically be rejected. Only prefects and the HiH mods are automatically accepted-- other members who want to join need to fulfill step 2 in order to be granted access.

#4 - The judges will now interrogate you. Answer their questions truthfully, using knowledge from canon when required. Elaborate. And be respectful. The judges ask specific questions for a reason, so please answer them with detail and respect. NO HOUSE-BASHING ALLOWED! Because you will need to answer questions, if you know you are going to be busy or unavailable, please let slumber know via a private message so that your application is not dropped at a time that is inconvenient for you. The usual time frame from dropping the appeal to informing the applicant of the decision is 9 days. Please try to answer all questions as promptly as possible to give the judges enough time to cast their votes.

A note on your conduct before, during, and after your appeal: Please do not talk about your appeal outside hih_appeals. Out of respect for your privacy, judges are asked not to discuss questions/appeals with anyone else, so out of respect for the process, please do refrain from discussing what is going on with your appeal before, during, or after the process -- this includes your personal journal, chats, Twitter, etc. You can mention that you are appealing, but to avoid potential drama please do not talk about why you are appealing (we don't want to get into housebashing) or what you think of the judges/their questions or what those questions are. You can express yourself, just remember to do so respectfully. If you experience any difficulties/issues during your appeal, please tell the appeals mod immediately. This is our best bet of solving any problems and preventing drama from escalating.

If something happens after you application has been dropped, let slumber know IMMEDIATELY. Life happens, and the process can be paused, but ONLY if you communicate that.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU ALLOWED TO COPY ANOTHER MEMBER'S ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS. IF YOU PLAGIARIZE, YOUR APPEAL WILL BE DENIED! While you are welcome to read old appeals to get a sense of the process, there is no reason why you should be reading any current appeals. Do not comment on another member's appeal. Doing so may impact your appeal.

#5 - The judges will now decide whether or not you should be placed into another house. The whole sorting process spans about a week. Answering questions quicker will not make your appeal go faster, but it will give the judges more time and evidence to help them reach the best decision. After most of the judges have voted, they'll have a chance to discuss amongst themselves and after the vote is finalized, you will be notified via comment to your appeal.

No matter what the decision, you may not reapply for another appeal. The decision is final. You can only apply to appeal once -- canceled appeals included! If you withdraw your application before a decision is rendered (but after it has been dropped for the judges to see), it still counts as your appeal.

If you wish to see an example of how an appeal works, please see the following links:
Applicant's Appeal / Judges' Questions / Appeal Result
Applicant Questionnaire / Prefect Questionnaire / Judges' Votes

Appeals Application
Please do not change anything about this application (except the lj-cut text). Also note that your answers should be as long and descriptive as possible, to ensure a successful appeal.


Have you still got questions?
Please go to this entry and ask away. If you feel that your matter is very personal, you may also contact the Appeals mod slumber under her LJ inbox account with any questions or concerns you may have. Please be sure to write something HiH Appeals-related in the subject line!

Judges (more info in hih_judges):


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